With an emphasis on imagination and art-based programming, the days at Rowanwood are packed with fun and stimulating activities. We believe that creative play lays the groundwork for many life skills and we encourage the children to find and follow their individual interests.


rw9Language is also a big part of our programming, not only in English, but in the varied languages our staff speak. Songs and phrases in Portugese, French, Chinese and more expose developing minds to different cultures and ways of communicating.

We aim to instill a love of reading, and we help the children learn to express their ideas and feelings verbally. Throughout the day, songs, rhymes and activities expose the kids to language in a fun way. They will develop social and cognitive development through play and by repetition while participating in everyday activities.


rw1We also foster growth of physical dexterity through a variety of activities and up to 2 hours of outdoor play (weather permitting). Outdoor play and nature walks increase strength, agility and grace. Rhymes, games, finger play, dances, yoga, action songs and dramatic play bring movement and speech together, sharpen focus and memory, and encourage expressive, positive interaction. Circle games, story-telling and puppetry develop articulate language and widen the children’s views of life, stir their imaginations and lay foundations for future literary and academic activity.




One of the most important aspects of the Rowanwood experience is how the kids are respected, listened to and spoken to. We hire our caregivers very carefully, looking for all the right experience and qualifications, but also looking for that special respect and love of kids. We take a harmonious approach to childcare, drawing out the best behaviour in kids by modeling it ourselves. We inspire rather than demand, invite rather than insist. We find this approach makes the days flow smoothly and power struggles and stand-offs are almost non-existent. Our atmosphere is lively and full of love and the kids, their parents and the caregivers are all important pieces of the puzzle to this community we’re building.